Our company started its business life in 1986 with pillow and mattress production at a small workshop. With every passing year, our company extended its production in such a manner that it covers a wide range of services including building site materials and office furniture. By manufacturing products regarding building site materials, it managed to offer its products to the every corner of Turkey and the World and obtained a customer portfolio of nearly 6.500 individual customers.

At present, our company continues its activities to furnish a perfect service at its indoor area of 10.000 m2 and outdoor area of 20.000 m2.

Our company meets the entire personnel needs of a building site, mainly beds, berths, and lockers, together with dormitory, dining hall, and container via a production principle of good quality and it generates healthy solutions for its customers.

Our company has defined its production model in 3 sections: metal, textile and wood. The annual metal production of 54.000 pieces is led by berths and metal lockers and the majority of 86.000 pieces of textile products is composed of mattresses, pillows, quilts and covers and blanket sets, while the furniture production of 37.000 pieces is mainly made up of office furniture, chairs, tables and school desks.

As it broke new grounds, TURGUTLAR brand has begun rising, being appreciated, and drawing interest.
The requests and complaints we recieved from our customers guided our company and made the biggest contribution in our current achievement.

Our ergonomic designs that we created under the BİANOS brand, which we built up in office furniture segment, created a tremendous impression and won great recognition in a short time.

Products designed by BİANOS have been carried into effect by analyzing the entire details with all of their aspects from the project and concept analysis to research, drawing, study and design. The purpose of these services is not only to create an original product, but also to achieve a correct product selection, smart production methods, and detailed solutions in order to optimize the customers’ investments. As TURGUTLAR GROUP, our target is to offer products and services through a correct, fast, and reliable management mindset in today’s world where technology and communication develop by leaps.

Design involves vision, knowledge and creativity. Beyond these, ability to solve details and to transform already known solutions has importance in terms of the actual implementation of the success of a well designed product or place.
TURGUTLAR GROUP has succeeded to aquire the same line in both design and implementation by bringing together its vision and knowledge.

We managed to be the best in the sector.