Our company started its business life in 1986 in a small workshop with the production of pillows and bunk beds. With each passing year, it has developed its production to serve a wide range of products including construction site materials and office furniture. Construction site in the industry by producing materials and related products in Turkey has managed to present their products to every corner of the world, it has reached close to 6500 customer portfolio.

Currently, our company has 10.000 square meters of indoor and 20.000 square meters of open space; continues to work to provide the most perfect service in showrooms, production and storage facilities.

All the personnel needs of a construction site, especially the bed, bunk and cupboard; from the dormitory to the refectory, to the container, it goes with a qualified production principle and provides healthy solutions to its customers.

The production model, which is divided into 3 sections; metal, textile and wood. With annual production of 54,000 pieces of metal, priority is bunk beds and metal cabinets, a large part of 86,000 pieces of textile products; bed, pillow, duvet, duvet cover and blanket sets. An important part of 37.000 pieces of furniture production is office furniture, including chairs, tables and school desks.

As the Turgutlar brand has realized the firsts, it has started to rise, to be recognized and to attract attention. Demands, complaints and suggestions from our customers have guided our company and have had the greatest impact on our time.


The ergonomic designs we have created with the Bianos brand we created in the office furniture industry have made a great impression in a short time. Products designed by Bianos; The analysis of the project and the concept started with research, sketches, studies and designs, and all the details have been solved to the smallest detail.

The purpose of these services is; not only to create a unique product, but also to develop intelligent production methods and detailed solutions with the right product selection to optimize the investment of the customer.

As Turgutlar, our aim is today when technology and communication are developing rapidly; is to provide products and services with an accurate, fast and reliable business understanding.
     Design; vision, knowledge and creativity are required. Beyond these; It is important to be able to solve details, transform known solutions, and carry the success of a successful product or place into design. Turgutlar, by combining its vision and knowledge, was able to catch the same line in both design and application.
    We worked with the best in the industry and managed to be the best in the industry.