Message of the President



The turning point of a company is the vision and strategies put forward by the management team. Turgutlar targets short, medium and long term goals; It has determined principled, transparent, rational and moral values ​​and continues its activities accordingly.

I have to point out the importance of the devoted work of my dear colleagues, from a small business to a group.

  The most important asset of Turgutlar is human. It is a human-oriented institution, whose quality is constantly increased, with a well-trained, disciplined and hardworking staff, who sees people as an active element on the road to success in the corporate organization pyramid. In this context, it has gained great respect in the sector as a company that respects the legal rights of employees, adopts legislation, and cares about their education and development.

Turgutlar provides added value to the national economy by producing and creating employment, and does not compromisebusiness ethics in all business processes. In production; quality, integrity and consistency are paramount.

Main purpose is to be permanent and reliable in accordance with its corporate mission and vision, and to continue its activities as an institution that respects ethical values ​​by taking place in its business line and in different geographies.

Turgutlar creates all processes in line with corporate values ​​in order to become an institution that its employees and stakeholders can be proud of. In line with these values, we carry the experience and knowledge we have gained abroad with the great projects we have realized in different countries. At this point we have reached, our belief that we will accomplish much bigger projects and bring bigger facilities to our country with our solid infrastructure, specialized staff, modern and dynamic management style is endless.

Turgutlar will continue its growth-oriented policies in the sector in 2013 and the following years and will become even higher among the important players in the sector.

To contribute to the society for Turgutlar, to produce and to develop and support social responsibility projects. Turgutlar respects the environment. We will continue to carry out the social responsibility project we undertake with the slogan of “7 customers per tree” for a green environment in 2013 as well. We believe that the only thing we need for a beautiful future for our country and our people worthy of the best is to work. We try to realize difficult and big projects with faith and hard work.

In this process, we offer our endless thanks to all our employees, suppliers and customers, with whom we cooperate, cooperate, cooperate and cooperate.